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Paint at Home Projects

Have fun, get creative, and make special memories together at home.

Give us a call or send us a message with any questions!

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How it works 

picking up your order

Once purchased, we will begin fulfilling your order. 

You will receive an email stating Ready for Pick Up when kit is available. 

Delivery option available for $10 (within 15 miles of our studio)

Deliveries made on Mondays & Thursdays

Orders made by 1 1 am on Monday & Thursday will be delivered that same day. 

Bring your kit home and let the creativity flow!

Important painting tips & information

1.  Only use the glazes provided by Amazing Glaze.  We are unable to fire any pieces with outside paints used. 

2. Glazes will look chalky while painting.  Once your piece is fired in our kiln, they will look glossy and bright!  Anything you don't paint will be glossy white once fired in the kiln.  Once fired, all pottery is food safe. 

3. #2 Pencils disappear in the kiln.  Use them to sketch out any designs or patterns before painting.  Do not use erasers 

4. Paint 2-3 Coats of each color you are using.  We recommend letting the paint dry to the touch in between coats. 

5. Always paint light colors first, darker colors on top.

6.  All our paints wash up with just a bit of water, even out of clothing!  

7. Make sure hands have no lotion or oils on them when handling your pottery. 

Dropping off your piece

Drop your pottery off to your local Amazing Glaze during our regular business hours.  Once you have dropped your piece off, it is a 5 day turn around for it to be fired in our kilns.

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